Google Calendar Weekly Timetable PRO

It is a WordPress plugin that displays your web iCalendar as weekly timetable in your website. It makes it easy to manage complex timetables right from Google Calendar. 

{{moment(week_start).add(index, 'd').format(weekday_name)}}
{{Object.keys(row)[0] | format_time}} {{cell.summary}}

The main feature of such timetable is that it conserves vertical space compared to usual Google Calendar embedded weekly view. It can be styled with CSS to adapt to overall website design.

The PRO version of the plugin has some more features:

  • You can set colors for events
  • Website visitor can browse weeks with next / previous buttons
  • You can choose start of week different than Monday
  • Language choice and time format choice
  • Some style choices for table right in the settings
  • Changes link in description to your caption text + hover event info
Install for €12.79

After you pay you will automatically get it through your browser downloads (you may need to consent depending on the browser). I will send it also to your PayPal email (if you pay by PayPal) just in case. Your browser will probably be stuck in PayPal but don’t mind it – check your downloads and email!

You get my full support on making it work on your website!

Can’t afford it? No problem! Click the donate button and enter your amount, you will get the same PRO version except without the power of my support. Thanks!

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